Good news but …

Posted: February 5, 2010 in hAri hArI kErJa

Alhamdulillah. This morning, I’ve got a called from My Yeat and his first word was “Fatiihah, i have a good news for you”. When he said those word, I already know what the meaning of it. 2 days before, I attended an interview at Scope International which is located at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil. It was walk-in interview and i have been interviewed for position of IT support analyst. It just like a helpdesk. I don’t really hope to be accepted when I saw hundred of people come in to be interviewed too.

It is a good news for me but also give some problems. First, location!. To be there at least I need 40 minutes in LRT. Move there?..I don’t really think about it but at least, for a while (a month maybe) I just stay where I am now. Next is transportation cost. 1 way ticket costs me rm4. So for a day I’m gonna spend rm8. Goshh!! more expensive than my lunch. Just be lucky because salary that they offer me is more higher than what I get now :D.

What really disrupt me right now is my resignation…. i’m not telling my boss yet. Actually I don’t know how to let him know.

  1. JUE says:

    congrats… hehe! bila nak start keja kat situ?

  2. Tahniah2… nnt bleh la mintak tolong antarkan resume kat ctu ek… hehheh…

  3. kamen rider says:

    murah rezeki…amin…

  4. miZz Berry says:

    tahniah iffa.
    dah start ke keje kt bukit jalil ni?
    alhamdulillah.i’m happy for you.

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