Can’t wait ….

Posted: February 26, 2010 in hAri hArI kErJa

I can’t wait to start working ^_^. Until now, i’m still under training with other clicks. At morning Ernie (the trainer) will explain to us about things that related with work, and after lunch hour we’ll be assigned to buddy (senior) to observe how they do work. Last week we’ve been explained about desktop training and security training. Lot of things I’ve learned, about the system, network, application etc and I’m very happy with it. From the slide, I noticed that there is 16 weeks for training but when I asked my buddy (senior) she said that she only attended 2 months training. Hurm which one is true haa?

Waaa really can’t wait to ‘Play’ with the system

  1. jue says:

    ada keja kosong lagi tak? hohohoh… 🙂

  2. Okesh says:

    hang ni, keje baru tu x smpai sebulan pun lagi..huh~ sabarla jue. kadang2 kite dpt yg kite x suke dulu then baru dpt yg kite suke…sebelum ni 7 bulan gak wat keje yg ‘x suke’ tu huhu~ be patient k ^_^

  3. wenk says:

    susoh dop keje baru ni? xdop programming ke???

    • Okesh says:

      dop susah tp mengelirukan. haah sebab nak melarikan diri dari programming tu la yg org tukar kerja neh..

  4. putri idah says:

    sesuai sgt tu dok dpn pc..ada gaya lah

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