When nightmares become reality …

Posted: April 2, 2010 in aRouNd mE

That was what  happened to me yesterday. Nightmares that I got since 5-6 months ago, and yesterday it REALLY happens to me. Thought I was lucky that time, no cars on the road. If not, maybe I become a victim of an accident. I just don’t know what to do – blur! The only thing that came across my mind during the ‘incident’ was Allah.  Syukur Alhamdulillah HE protects me from ‘that danger’. Syukur Alhamdulillah HE gives me legs,  energy to run away from ‘that danger’. Danger is everywhere, and it can come to us anytime. At least I’ve learned something from that incident. Just don’t be so brave – because it will make me become more careless person.

Along the way home, I text about the incident to 2 persons.  1st person just laughed at me and said that was only my illusion – and 2nd person text me back with very simple sentence, but enough to calm me. Now I know who is my true friend ~

p/s: to sis – kalu nak tau tanya abah. He is 3rd person yg tau pasal incident tu

  1. Najah says:

    pernah alami pengalaman yg hampir sama. masa tu nk gi sek. yg kelakarnye blh turun dr basikal, pastu lari sambil tolak bskl tu (sbb lari ikut jln kg).

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