I ….

Posted: July 20, 2010 in mY sImpLe LiFe

I Live: in a busy town in Malaysia.
I Work: normally 11 hours per day
I Talk: quite fast and non stop (lot of friend complaint bout it hahaa)
I Wish: can settle ptptn debt in 3 years from now
I Enjoy: walking along the beach
I Look: more taller after wear wedges haha
I Find: my 2nd job is really suit me well
I Listen:  mostly to Japanese Pop (mostly garnet crow and uka) also ost from anime
I Hide: my emotions most of the time because I’m to egoistic to admit
I Walk: fast when alone
I Write: like student at primary school.. gosh I’m totally worst in writing
I Sing: when I’m sure no one’s around to hear it.
I Laugh: when watching my little nephew dance
I Can: still remember all name of my classmates from primary school
I Watch: anime and action movie
I Learn: til the day I die.
I Want: to be elsewhere and see a different sort of skies and feel a different sort of wind.
I Cry: when I potong bawang
I Read: all series of wimpy kid more than 3 times
I Love: my family, friends, music and technology.
I Sometimes: wish I can be a better person.
I Touch:”on” button of my laptop everyday
I Hurt: “him” with my too direct answer
I Fear: losing people who are dear to me.
I Hope: I can be someone that I can be proud of.
I Break: rules seldom. Just because I like to be constricted by them.
I Eat: non-spicy food only
I Quit: my previous job after realized that i’m not too smart to write codes all the times
I Bathe: at least twice everyday
I Save: money. To be spent all later on.
I Miss: being a secondary school student
I Hold: my family and friends close to my heart.
I Forgive: easily. Especially when they talk/smile back to me
I Don’t: like a smoker
I Believe: in myself
I Feel: bored and and sometimes quite lonely
I Know: that I need to learn to love sum1. Stop being heartless person
I Wonder: where will I stand seven years from now


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