Want to ….

Posted: October 10, 2010 in kIsAh kItE, mY sImpLe LiFe

Ngah bosan try le main kuiz jap kat Quizilla ni. Dan tetiba tadi terbuat kuiz pasal “flaw in relationship”.

Tekan atas, tekan bawah lastly dapat result yg memang agak dijangka la jugak..

Afraid of commitment

“Maybe you haven’t found that right one, or you have been hurt in the past. I don’t know your story but I can say you are too afraid to move on. So, metaphorically speaking you go so far then stop in your tracks not giving that person much choice but to leave or be unhappy as the relationship never grows. Try to take it a little further and see what happens, they might surprise you.”

heh malas da buat kuiz sentimental camni. Dapat result yg lebih kurang 90% betul, pastu mula la aku jadi konfius sorang2.


Want to hold you
But then I push away
Want to tell you
But I close my mouth

Want to ask you
But I’m afraid of the answer
Want to walk with you
But my feet start to slip

Want to be with you
But scared of being hurt
Want you to want me
But is that possible

Want to dive into your arms
But I am too scared to jump
Want to share a life with you
But I am afraid to take the risk

Want to ask you for a chance
But afraid you won’t give me one
Want to realize this can happen
But I am not sure if it will

Poem~ Credit to Goob: http://www.poems-and-quotes.com/author.html?id=430160

update: Lepas tekan “publish” post ni, tetiba mp3 pi play lagu ni plak. Aiyoooo

  1. the zul says:

    anda didapati sedang angau….
    sekian 😛

  2. Yaya says:

    wahh iffa. nice poem!
    haha.. 😉
    kalau confius, buat la istiharah.
    pastu ade jawapan yg tersembunyi tu nanti.
    hehe.. 🙂

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